Where Does The Soul Reside?

Humans and others have been asking where does the soul reside for millennia and they are still in a quandary as to just where the soul exists, is. Where does the soul reside? I have the answer for you for I have seen my soul and the soul of others with my naked eyes, my physical eyes and that is a major hint.

The soul does not reside anywhere, it “embodies” as the human persona/psyche/ego or what’s commonly called the human being. When you look at yourself and other humans, you are looking at the “expression” or “embodiment” of their soul. How a human looks, thinks, believes, feels and experiences is their soul expressing itself. The human physicality is the soul expressed in material form and is therefore where the soul exists in this actionable, three-dimensional Matrix we are currently inhabiting. When you connect with another human being, you think you’re connecting with them physically. You are not. You are connecting with their soul. Still, most of humanity has troubling believing this. Why is that?

Most humans don’t believe that the human being is an embodiment of their soul because they have been conditioned by religion and society to believe that Spirit is “out there” somewhere. This is called “separation consciousness,” where humans have a misguided notion that their soul, Spirit is not with them. Most humans on planet Earth believe they need permission to connect with Spirit or go to a special place or sit before a special person. This is a gross misperception. Each human comes with a soul already intact as their embodiment. You, as human and your soul are one. You ARE your soul.

So, next time you look in the mirror, the next time you look at another human being, know that you are looking at the embodiment of your and their soul and realize what it is expressing, what it is telling you.

Everything about you is your soul talking. Your soul resides right in front of your eyes.


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