When Humans Die, What Happens?

What happens when a human dies? Do the lights go out and that’s the end of your life? Hardly. Contrary to popular belief based on the Cartesian and Newtonian models of reality, everything is energy including humans. This energy that is also human has awareness and we call that awareness the soul. At the death of a human, the soul awareness continues, that is, the “real” You continues to live but where does it go?

When a human dies, the soul leaves the body but it doesn’t “go” anywhere. Why? The soul doesn’t “go” anywhere because there is only here and now on the vibratory level of the soul. There is no time as humans have constructed it. Each soul exists or resides in its own level of awareness just like the level of awareness you had when you were in human body. Your soul continues its energetic vibratory level out of body and lives in the awareness it expanded to. For example, if you had a limited awareness as a human, that is, you never cared about raising your consciousness or expanding your awareness and you believed, steadfastly in religious dogma, you will stay in that conscious awareness as a disembodied soul. If you, for example, practiced meditation for many years of your Earth life and expanded your awareness beyond Earth religions to include a more experiential spiritual path beyond religious dogma, your soul will be this expanded awareness after death.

Right about now, you are asking or thinking, what will this be like, what will this place look like? Please understand that there is NO punishment or judgement for your level of awareness so it will not be a so-called dark or scary place. Spirit or God is not dark unless you are dark. Souls reside in the Light and they reside at the level of their awareness. Just think about what your thoughts, beliefs, concerns and desires are as a human and you will know what your experiences will be as a soul for no matter that you are in a human body, you are still a soul and that soul’s main spiritual path is to expand its awareness.

We as humans are souls having a human EXPERIENCE and how we treat our soul’s intent to expand its awareness while inbodied is the key to what level of reality you are on here or here. What that means is whether you are in human form or not, you are still alive and have awareness and that awareness has a level. That level determines your perception so that at your death, where you reside depends on your level of awareness from which you perceive. There is a Spiritual Hierarchy.


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