What’s Your Date With Destiny Mean?

What does your date with destiny mean? From my experience with fulfilling my own destiny in this lifetime, one’s date with destiny is fulfilling why you came into human form. It is the completion of your soul’s wish for expanded awareness through what you signed up to complete for your soul growth and soul contribution to yourself, the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Here’s an example from my own life. I was born and grew up in my beloved New York City and married young but my destiny was ultimately not in that city and not with that woman. My destiny lay in Las Vegas of all places with the woman of my dreams who I met in New York but who brought me out west. I have lived in Las Vegas since 1982 and was with my soul mate for 36 years until her untimely death. My life shifted dramatically from being an actor in NYC, LA and Las Vegas to being in Radio Media Sales that took me on a journey of inner exploration and awareness to discover my destiny of realizing that I am a Light Being of Healing, Love and Wisdom and that I came to Earth on assignment as a Blue Ray Being to assist in enlightening the genetic code of humanity. I had to not only realize this as my destiny but I had to function as this in my daily life, to be it.

I fulfill my destiny every day by being who I really am: a being of Wisdom, Love and Healing and I now consciously give these aspects to the world by being them. What I just described to you is a fulfilling of one’s destiny and it takes courage, trust and drive to not be afraid of who you truly are. Fulfilling one’s destiny is not as easy as it sounds but you WILL fulfill it as your Spirit, your soul is the strongest aspect of who you are, not your persona/psyche/ego. Your date with destiny really means being true to your Self, discovering and doing your soul’s intent. In my estimation, the most important endeavor of a human life.


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