What Is a Kabbalistic Tikune?

Kabbalah is the mystical branch of Judaism just like Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam or Zen Buddhism is the mystical branch of Buddhism. It is mystical because it asks its adherents to have a direct experience of Spirit, God. It leaves thinking about Spirit, God outside the mystical path.

One of the main practices of Kabbalah is achieving one’s Tikune or “soul correction.” A “soul correction” according to Kabbalah is an issue of our soul’s awareness that we came into life to repair that we may realize our greater potentials. For example, in the past life we may have been a very successful and famous actress whose concern was focused all on self. Me, Me, Me. In the next life, the Tikune of this soul would be to correct this self-centered awareness to one of being in service to others. Perhaps this soul would become a High School Theatre teacher in the next like and make her life about promoting her students and not herself. In doing this in her next lifetime, she will have had a soul correction or completed her Tikune. Why is this important?

This is an important reality to Kabbalah because the belief is that we come into human form to realize greater potentials that assist us in getting more Light or getting closer to Spirit, God. It speaks to our soul’s power and desire to expand its awareness and grow in its wisdom and consciousness. To understand what our Tikune is in a lifetime and then achieve it is one of the greatest things a human can do because you are following your soul’s reason for incarnating into a particular life. This gives deep meaning and purpose to our lives as we work to complete our Tikune and grow our soul’s awareness to reach higher and higher potentials. How do you find your Tikune?

You find your Tikune by examining those issues in your life that cause you pain and suffering. For example, if you find that being self-centered causes you all kinds of problems, you may want to stop being self-centered and become selfless. This self-centered attitude could be your Tikune and it might be time to get over it, that is, make a soul correction here. Staying self-centered only holds you back from soul and spiritual growth, evolution. Your soul wants to grow, not devolve.


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