What Is Being The Light?

When the spiritually gifted, aware and minded talk about the “Light” and about being the “Light,” what are they talking about? From first hand experience with the “Light,” I can tell you what being the “Light” means.

All beings, including human beings, are composed of the energy of Light which is the manifestation of energy as presented in conscious awareness. Humans, as awareness in physical form, have the ability to work with their “Light,” that is, control their own “Light” Quotient in increasing it. What happens when you increase your “Light” Quotient and how do you do it? When you increase your “Light” Quotient by increasing the level of “Light” your body contains, you vastly expand your conscious awareness so that you are closer to Spirit, to God. You develop great spiritual abilities like major manifesting of all your desires instantly.

The way that you increase your “Light” Quotient is by the practices of meditation, eating live and wholesome foods, chanting, kindness, compassion, right living, tolerance, happiness and charity. You constantly feed your mind higher thoughts, positive thoughts. You practice facing your shadow side and allow yourself to be Love, Gratitude, Healing and Wisdom in every moment. Being in these practices will exponentially increase your “Light” Quotient. Notice that I said practices. There is a specific reason for that. The reason I say practices is that, as humans, we are constantly evolving and there is no perfection to be reached but only greater and greater soul awareness expansion that is expressed through higher “Light” Quotients.

I have been working on my “Light”Quotient for many years now and I can see my “Light” which is visible to the naked eye and more importantly, I can manifest my intent quickly as I have a very high “Light” Quotient. All humans can increase their “Light” quotient. It takes dedication and constant practice.


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