We Rise By Lifting Others

My destiny that I experience in this lifetime is a destiny of being a Wayshower that brings to bear the energy of Karmic release in enlightening the genetic code of humanity. What does this really mean? It means that I came to Earth to be one who uplifts others. I show others the way to a higher destiny by my example. I have done this all my life with family, friends, in the workplace and with strangers. In realizing this destiny, I wondered whether I, myself, was being effected by this destiny and the answer is an unequivocal YES!!!

What I discovered was that in the process of lifting up others, I was rising. When I say rising, I mean to say that my awareness was positively expanded, my Light Quotient was increased so that I am a higher light being and my contract for this lifetime, fulfilled. This is called, in some circles, being your purpose or living on purpose.

This process of rising by uplifting others is available to all people. I see that many people on Earth do not chose to uplift. They chose to tear down due to the need to gratify their ego. When you tear others down, you contract your Spirit. You become, in a sense, smaller. When you stay small by tearing others down, you confine yourself to a narrow reality I call “eat or be eaten” which is a fear-ridden reality where you must always be looking over your shoulder. It is not an attractive reality from my experience.

When you enter the reality of uplifting others, you cause yourself to rise and this rising creates an attractive aura around you in which you attract and then are Love, abundance, happiness, tolerance, compassion and kindness.

I don’t know about you but my preference is to be an uplifting presence because the state of rising is certainly better than being a bottom feeder where you are enveloped in negativity.


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