The Truth Is Not The Truth?

We have, as the human species, grappled for millennia with the concept that we call “Truth.” We recently heard that, “The truth isn’t the truth.” So, which is it? Is the truth the truth?

From my experience searching for, expressing and being the “truth,” I have discovered that there are aspects of my human existence that seem real but are not true. For example, my ego seems real to me but is it true? Is my ego the real me? Also, “Truth” is a word made up by humans based on a concept of those things that are absolute. For example, what’s true for me may not be true for you is not absolute because it is based on belief. Belief is an opinion. You may say that the way you commune with God is true while my way is not true. That belief is true for you but is it THE “truth”?

We, as human beings are operated on by Cosmic Laws that are irrefutable like the Law Of Karma. What goes around, comes around. We can say that these irrefutable Laws are true. However, we still have not gotten to the absolute truth of the essence of our reality and this truth, in my experience, is that we are all soul, Spirit and that is our true nature. We can also state that when we act from our soul, Spirit, we are acting from the truth. For example, great art that moves human beings is art that has been crafted by the human hand but is touched and motivated by the soul. When we hear or see such art, it rings true for us because it touches our soul, it is truth.

We can also tell when people are not telling the truth. We call that lying. Not telling the truth is something different from the “truth” in that when a person lies, they are falsifying facts, they withold or distort information or the facts of an occurance...they hide the truth.

There is also SPEAKING your truth which is your perception of anything that you get from being in
touch with the clarity of your soul. This inner soul truth MUST be expressed because the soul, Spirit
does not lie. This differs from your opinion or from what seems “real” to you but isn’t “true.” This truth you must speak is the truth of your soul. For example, your soul will tell you that your body, that is, your persona/psyche/ego may seem real to you but is it true and you may want to express your soul's truth by coming from your soul in most of your dealings. Coming from your soul perspective causes you to see through the ego’s pretenses and while you don’t condemn the ego’s machinations and vicissitudes, you always speak your soul truth which is the clarity of Spirit.

In my way of seeing things, your soul Truth, the clarity of Spirit is THE TRUTH and must be spoken at all costs. The soul’s, Spirit’s truth IS the truth!


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