The Most Powerful Emotion Is Control Of Emotion

From my experience with my own emotions and the emotions of others, the most powerful emotion is the power to control your emotions. What does this mean?

Please understand that control of your emotions doesn’t mean repressing them, suppressing them, negating them or ignoring them. The powerful emotion of controlling your emotions is facing them head on, getting in touch with them, taking appropriate and positive action to allow them to play out and being able to healthfully restrict them from running amok, causing damage, embarrassment or harm to yourself or another. This is an extremely difficult practice as our society sees emotions and having them as being weak or troubled. Nonsense. Why is our society’s confusion over emotions nonsense?

Our society’s confusion over how to handle emotions is nonsense because emotions are a needed aspect of our humanity that we have for the express purpose of action requiring programs that help us underand how we feel. Being able to feel is the single most important aspect of being human but it does not mean allowing these feelings to just create havoc. Emotions and their subsequent feelings are meant to be processed, not squashed. They are meant to be felt, not ignored. They are meant to help us, not harm us. They are meant to be used as a tool for good not as a destructive element. When emotions are properly used they are handled and worked out and control is exerted over them so that we better understand what they are asking of us. We feel them but we don’t become their victims.

The emotion of controlling our emotions does not come from our ego, it comes from our soul. While our soul wants to feel, it does not send you feelings so that you fold, spindle and mutilate. It sends you feelings so you know how it feels about something. That’s what being in touch with your feelings means. It’s not wanting you to trash your reality, it wants you to make sense of your reality with a controlled attitude so that you can progress. Yes, progress.

Being in control of your emotions is the mark of a higher human being who has mastered her emotions. Mastering emotions is the higher calling of the human being from my experience.


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