The Empath’s Curse And Blessing

Being an ultra-sensitive, hyper-Empath, I have felt this sensitivity as both my life’s greatest curse and greatest blessing at the same time. How is this so?

The Empath’s greatest curse is that because society at large is insensitive and lives on an emotionally shallow level and it does not value empathy and therefore does not recognize, encourage or value this gift, Empaths are left to misunderstand their talent in being able to feel into people and also are not taught how to distinguish between their own feelings and those of others. This lack of feeling boundaries leads Empaths to have low self-worth because they often take on the toxic feelings of others, thinking it’s their own feelings. I spent many years in self-deprecation until I realized that I was an Empath and learned how to deal with and handle this gift, using it as a super power.

The Empath’s blessing is actually in the curse. What I found from experience was that as I continued taking on others’ feelings and not knowing how to set up boundaries, it taught me more about the nature of human emotions and feelings and the reality that I am emotionally intelligent and not a wounded being. I got ever closer to learning about the human condition and then how to distinguish between my own and others’ feelings that I was mistakenly taking as my own. This was when I began to learn how to set up boundaries, that is, to not allow others’ emotional toxicity to invade my peace of mind and my clarity. This came about through the curse of my empathic nature.

Today, I distinguish between how my own and others’ ego talks and how the soul talks because Empathy comes out of the soul not the ego. I no longer judge my feelings or the feelings of others nor do I take on lower emotional energies that arise in myself or others.

I now live with the blessings of being an Empath and am no longer seeing empathy as dualistic in that it was never a curse, just a hurdle I had to jump over. Now, I have unity consciousness and I laugh at my and others’s demons. My and others’ shadow side pose no threat.


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