The Color Of My Soul

From my experience, all human souls have a color. I know this from being able to see people’s souls, including my own. All material is made up of light, including humans, and that light is the stuff that souls are made of. My own soul is a whitish Blue which has meaning and that meaning translates to my embodiment, that is, my persona/psyche/ego. What does my embodiment reflect from the Blue color of my soul? My soul’s color of Blue translates to someone who is cool and calm in the eye of the storm. I reflect a spiritual demeanor, a soulful demeanor just as I am. My vibration is one of Wisdom, Love and healing.

It is, I believe, because of my awareness of my soul’s color(s) that I know my true purpose for being on Earth as my embodiment reflects who and what my soul is. My behavior, what I’m about, is because of my soul, not my human personality per se. My human personality reflects aspects of my soul and I behave based on my soul. My soul is the boss. What does all this signify?

This signifies that all humans come with an operating program called a soul and that soul has a color and that color, that suggests meaning. It is that meaning which directs our lives and, in my perception based on experience, we humans must discover, then know and ultimately evince our soul’s meaning through behavior, in our lives. This leads to living our purpose, I surmise.

I have made a lifelong study of my soul and I have seen it in action in my human moves. I encourage you to explore your soul and come to see your true purpose for being an Earth human. Remember, your human persona/psyche/ego is a reflection, an embodiment of your soul, not the other way around.


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