Spirit’s, God’s Love Of Self And Creation

The more I delve into Spirit, God’s vibration, the more I feel and know its Love for Self and Love for its Creation. What am I saying here?

What I’m expressing here is that the deeper I connect with Spirit, God, the more I feel and know that Spirit, God is about Loving Its Self and Loving its Creation in every second and each time that I, as a human being reflect on, express Love and Creation, I must be real in feeling and knowing these aspects of Spirit, God and not just think about or talk about them in a rote manner. Again, each time I say Love, Creation, think Love, Creation and give Love, Creation, it must be with a real and truthful intensity that matches, as humanly as possible, the intensity of Spirit’s, God’s Love of Self and Creation.

Please understand that I am aware that, as a human, I cannot match Spirit’s, God’s intensity of Love of Self and Creation. I am not all of Spirit, God, only a piece of Spirit, God. In my aspect of being a piece of Spirit, God in human form, I can express, vibrate at the frequency of my own level of Love of Self and Creation and I realize I must be sincere in that expression. It must be real within me and not just some words I think or say that have no meaning or power. See what I mean?

Loving Self and the Creation I am and that I am in is, I believe, the closest thing to understanding and then being what Spirit, God is: the Force of Love that Spirit, God is in with itself and with its Creation. When I am in this Force of Love with Self and Creation, I hold dominion over spiritual, emotional, mental and physical reality. How do I know this? I am a major manifestor.


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