Soul Sucking Succubus

From my experience with dark energies, evil spirits, wounded disembodied souls and all kinds of spiritual energies that have come to me, no matter what religious belief system you have, nothing can save you from these negative entities but your own strong, positive mind, feelings and soul. There is NO soul sucking succubus that is going to suck your soul out of you unless YOU are weak. What does it mean to be weak?

In my perception, being weak is being weak in the Force of Love within yourself that you feel for yourself and others. When you vibrate the energy of the Force of Love, nothing can touch you. Sure there will be wounded beings, whether in a body or not, so-called demonic or not, who will approach you because they crave the healing that comes from the Force of Love or they will come to you to “feed” off your negative energy when and if you are filled with negative energies like fear, anger, resentment, greed, judgement, intolerance, hate, low-self-worth, etc.

When you are true to yourself in the Force of Love, negative and dark spirits may approach you but they can’t touch you. They are repelled by your Light, the Light of your Force of Love within you that shines like a beacon of tremendous power and attraction. Lower energy entities exist on a very low vibratory level of reality and they are aware of the Force of Love. They stay away from the Force of Love.

If you are in the belief system of fear regarding dark entities and that includes humans, start to overcome and change your inner fear of the dark ones by showing yourself, others and these dark one the Force of your Love. Show everything around you, including yourself, unconditional Love. That power within your self will both repell negativity and attract positive things into your life.

The concept of the soul sucking succubus is the concept of giving up your soul power to negativity, mental weakness, dark feelings and misguided beliefs. Resolve to change any negativity you have within yourself and you will never feel threatened by anything negative, human or otherwise.


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