Seeing A Digital Readout Of 444 at 4:44AM

As I expand my awareness in this lifetime, I am able to perceive that the universe is intelligent, creative, All There Is, alive and as I awake to it, I am able to see that it speaks to me. I found that one of the ways that The All There Is communicates is through the synchronicity of numbers, not the coincidence of seeing numbers but the purposeful, sychronistic seeing of certain numbers at the same time every day. This is happening to me now. I continue to see 444 at 4:44am as I am awoken, naturally, at that early hour. So, you might ask, “What is the spiritual significance of 444?” I asked. I got the answer.

The spiritual significance of seeing 444 is “Angels are with you. Signs and synchronicities. Comfort and protection. You are on the path of awakening. You are fully supported in your life journey. You are on the right path. Just trust. You are in harmony with the universe. Listen to your intuition.”

For me, at this point in my soul path, it was an important sign which gave me great comfort, confidence and reassurance that all that I am doing at this time is in alignment with The All There Is, with Spirit. I can tell you that it was a great feeling getting this message from the universe. Why do I tell you this?

I tell you this because the sentience of the universe is available to everyone to access. The only thing you have to do is work on your awareness and expand it to the point to where you can perceive the universe talking to you. You achieve this by placing more focus on your right brain. Work on lessening your identification with left brain, rational activity and connect with right brain, mystical activity. One such activity is meditation. Go within. Restrict your mental chatter. Stopping the Mind is not dying or going insane. Being totally dependent on the rational, conscious aspect of yourself is insane. Your ego cannot hear the universe because it is concerned with me, me, me. Quiet your ego and open your perception to the nonlinear communiques of the universe. It will guide you honestly.


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