More On The Experience Of Being In My Light Body

In experiencing more and more of what it’s like to be “IN” my Light Body, I have discovered that I’m not “IN” anything nor is anything “IN” me. What I have discovered is that my Light Body is simply “WITH” me, right here, all around me like a living presence that I can actually see with my physical eyes, especially in darkened rooms. There’s more.

I am beginning to realize that “I” am not the real “ME” and that the real “ME” is the Light Body that is “WITH” me. When I look at this extremely white, bluish, purple light all around me, I realize that this is the real “ME.” The real “ME” is not an “I” as I am familiar with it; it is a living Beingness in the format of a Light consciousness. It does not have human form itself. I am shifting my identification to who I really am to this Light Body and as I continue to do this, it informs me that I can use it to do amazing things like heal my body, manifest anything and is what I’ll be upon my leaving my physical vehicle.

It is not so easy to shift my identification from the physical me I know to the Light Body me I am getting to know but it keeps its presence clear and sharp with me and I believe it is wanting to make sure that I fully embrace it. Just the other night, as I had just shut the bedroom light and lay in my bed for a few seconds in the dark, a very bright white, blue. purple light appeared next to me and stunned me with its brightness. I had no thoughts but got the chills as I experienced the intensity of the brightness.

This Light Body has gotten my attention and I am now working with it. Stay tuned.


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