Learn To Love Your Nasty and Imperfect Self

I am learning to unconditionally love my nasty and imperfect self which includes physical imperfections. Why do I choose to learn this? I choose to love my imperfect self unconditionally because it is the portal, the gate through which I find that I Am Creation in form with no lack thereby becoming a vibrational match with the Force of Love. Being the unconditional Force of Love attracts more Love to me, more abundance, prosperity, compassion, health, longevity, tolerance, peace and kindness. Why don’t more people choose this portal of Love for themselves?

The reasons more people don’t practice unconditional love of themselves is that they have been conditioned by religion and a society infected by misguided religious thought that says loving yourself is selfish. You can’t love yourself because you are not worthy of that love until you do some good works, get saved by Jesus and have God love you and go to Heaven. Wrongheaded and wrong again. What is the truth?

The truth is that you were created by God as Love and loving yourself unconditionally is a natural and needed process of self-realization. You don’t need to be approved of by God, you don’t need to be saved by Jesus. Save yourself by loving yourself unconditionally and walk through the portal of Christ Consciousness which says that you are not selfish in loving yourself but selfless! You are selfless because you are radiating and being the natural force of who and what you are...the Force of Love. Loving yourself unconditionally is recognizing that you are the Force of Love from birth. You don’t need anyone to give it to you or give you permission.

Be the Force of Love in every moment and love your self unconditionally. That means loving your nasty and imperfect self without reservation. Doing this will attract more Love to you.


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