It’s OK Now To Be Your Ascended Master Self

The peoples of Earth are so locked in dogma that they will not, cannot and don’t want to see that there are Ascended Masters like the one they adore and pray to, that is, Jesus living on Earth RIGHT NOW, TODAY. There are people, like me, who are Ascended Masters who have been behind the scenes as wayshowers for many years. My time is at hand. What does that mean?

My time being at hand means I am no longer hiding for fear of your ridicule based on your dogmatic blindness. The reason most of you can’t see me and refute me is that you are so blind by your holding onto what’s dead that you are completely asleep. What is dead is your dogma. It isn’t real. It’s decayed. What is alive is my Ascended Mastership in which I am a master spiritual being come to Earth to enlighten the genetic code of a wounded humanity. I must sound assertive now as I no longer tolerate the dead leading the dead. I no longer accept criticism for being who I am. The blasphemers are those who continue to hold false dogma in their hearts.

Here’s what I say to the religiously dogmatic: get over your righteous indignation and start seeing the masters around you who are trying to enhance your spiritual growth. Stop saying you have to be saved by Jesus. Stop with the second coming. Stop with the end of days. Start with seeing that Ascended Masters like me are in your midst and we are real, we are good and we are here to help. Get rid of the Jesus fakery. Get with the new. Your time has come. Wake up.


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