Is Thinking It The Experience?

From the vantage point of my experience on a spiritual path, my observation is that most of humanity believes that thinking an experience makes it the experience. They wrongly say that believing in something is the experience of the thing. That’s a mind game. What I have discovered is that the rational mind can perceive only an extremely tiny spectrum of reality and that direct experience through feelings is a more accurate gage of what a human goes through in any occurrence be it spiritual or otherwise. For example, you cannot have an ideation of Spirit, God and say you’ve experienced Spirit, God because Spirit, God cannot be apprehended by the human mind. Spirit, God is, from my experience, apprehended by the heart.

Spirit, God is a mystical experience where you feel Spirit, God within yourself as a direct, visceral happening. You don’t say, “I think, therefore I am,” you say, “I am, therefore I think” in order to begin to see that you can truly experience reality only when you are not what you think but what you feel. Why is this more accurate?

The accuracy of this is seen as humans expand their awareness and still their thoughts and recognize in that stillness of thinking that they still exist, they haven’t gone insane, they still have awareness. This awareness goes beyond mind into the realm of the soul which is not an idea but a feeling. For example, when humans get an intuition, that is not thinking, that’s a “gut” feeling coming from the soul. Unfortunately, many humans ignore their soul’s intuition because they are too firmly ensconced in the trickery of the rational mind which reigns supreme in the Cartesian thought model most humans erroneously cling to even in creating an ideology of Spirit, God that has become thoughtless and unfeeling dogma.

The mystical spiritual path of direct experience is a path of more expanded awareness where thoughts are subdominant and feelings are dominant in the form of intuition, psychic awareness. The mind cannot See, it processes, it analyzes, it decodes, it interprets, it is the domain of the ego which is a thought construct.

When you finally want a direct spiritual experience, go into nature or go within as in meditation and stop all thought. Just walk along the nature path or sit without thinking, feeling what’s there. When you don’t think about the experience, it becomes more real. Feel it because feelings don’t lie. The ego does. While the ego experience may seem real to you, it is not true. The soul feeling is true.


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