Is There Such A Thing As A Cosmic Empath?

From my experience being an Empath, they are human beings who can feel into anything including themselves, other people, buildings, seasons, animals and on and on. There are those amongst us, me included, who experience what I like to call “Cosmic Empathy” so that this type of Empath can feel into Cosmic consciousness. There is such a thing as a Cosmic Empath. What is the experience like?

From being a Cosmic Empath, I can relate to you that it is an expanded level of empathic ability where you relate tofeel into and connect with planets, Solar systems, moons, Milky Ways, Galaxies, Universes, The Cosmos, the Beings in the the Cosmos. For example, I have, since an early age, felt into the Cosmic Being we on Earth call The Creative Source Infinite Intelligence The All There Is. I was able to feel this being as a presence that was near me and a part of me. This was not the God as portrayed by Earth humans but a much more expanded sense of a Cosmic Being that went beyond Earth. This Cosmic Being has guided me, loved me, helped me all throughout my life in so many ways. This being is real and palpable and I have felt into this being.

Through the Empathy I have with this Cosmic Being, I have co-created many blessings in my life, much happiness, abundance, health, prosperity and peace. I hope this gives you a sense of my experience being a Cosmic Empath. What does this signify for you?

I sense and perceive that human beings can expand their awareness to be deeper Empaths if they so choose. It is a matter of allowing that you have an empathic nature and accept your functioning as such. It takes much courage to be an Empath, let alone a Cosmic Empath because you get to perceive domains, dimensions, realms, parallel universes, feelings, awarenesses well beyond Earth’s confines and this can be mind shattering if you are not prepared to look into the face of Cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic awareness is like anything else. You have to get used to it. I have a strong mind so I was able to handle the things I encountered. Buyer beware.


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