“I Will...When I”

From my own experience, I realized that I was stuck in a false mental construct that killed my happiness. This construct was the belief system that, “I will...when I.” What does this mean? It means that I was putting off my happiness because I believed that I will be happy when I lose more weight, get a new car, find the right lover, win money to fix my house, meditate to get enlightened and on and on and on ad infinitum, never reaching any happiness because WHEN never happens. Did you read that? WHEN I never happens. Why is this true?

“I will...when I” robs you of happiness because it keeps postponing your happiness until you have something and having something or achieving something is NOT the key to everlasting happiness because the feeling of that thing you got fades. What is the key to happiness then? The key to everlasting happiness is the realization that happiness is not a destination, getting a thing or place to be in. I perceive happiness to be a state of being based on my own awareness that I am appreciative, Loving, grateful and thankful for who I am, what I am, why I am right now and I BRING MY INNER HAPPINESS TO ALL MY THOUGHTS, BELIEFS AND EXPERIENCES BECAUSE MY EXPERIENCES DON’T BRING HAPPINESS TO ME. My experiences don’t bring happiness to me because experiences are neutral happenings and it is my interpretation of my experiences that makes me feel something. When I come to ANY experience in a STATE OF HAPPINESS, I perceive any experience as being happy. Now, understand that I also don’t fool myself into a false sense of security.

This state of happiness also keeps me out of danger because my happy vibration will not put me in dangerous situations. Please understand that I am aware that I also have to keep my awareness about me and not mindlessly walk around so that I walk across a street with on-coming traffic, etc. This state of happiness is NOT a blissed out state where I lose awareness of my surroundings. I am always hyper-aware, in most instances, with the feelings of appreciation, Love, gratitude and thankfulness in every situation, occrance and destination.

This does not preclude the ups and downs I experience as a feeling and thinking human being. I am also realistic and know that there will be days that I am not my best, don’t feel well or something doesn’t go my way. It doesn’t mean that I’m not happy during those times. I’m still happy because my happiness is not a thing I turn on and off. It is a STATE OF BEING that I am in because I don’t tell myself, “I will...when I.” I tell myself simply, “I will....” It means that I am always working on myself, expanding my awareness in that the more grateful I am, the more I will have to be grateful for.


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