How You Are Healed In My Presence

I am sure you have been around people who made you feel calm, safe, good, renewed and happy. I have been around people who had this effect on me but they were few and far between. To me, I perceive this as a healing effect. I felt so good around these people that I called for them when I was sick or under the weather. I seem to have this healing effect on others. What is this so-called healing effect?

I will pinpoint this healing effect that certain people have by stating that I perceive it as a great calmness in them that they exude even in the midst of chaos. There is a balance and positivity that is naturally in them that I deeply feel in their presence. While they have ups and downs like any other human, they still bring a quietness, a stillness to their surroundings that is irresistible and contagious. These are the people we can vent to, rely on, confess to, feel forgiven with and by and they send us on our way feeling better, more together and happier. These are not people who are always excitable although they do get excited. Can everyone have this healing presence?

Everyone’s vibration is different. The people I am referring to are the natural healers of our world who heal with their presence alone. That being said, everyone can learn from these healers and practice what I like to call a Zen mindfulness, especially in chaotic situations. That practice of being Zen, that is, being infinite calmness, is just the beginning. It is a start in the right direction. It is the hardest thing you will do but it will bring many benefits including many health benefits in this time of chaotic nodes.


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