How To Deal With Unconscious People

From my work on my selfawareness over many lifetimes to be a highly conscious being, let alone, human being, I have found most humans on planet Earth to be unconscious in their expression and their behavior. What do I mean by unconscious and why do I bring it up?

From my experience, being an unconscious human being means that you speak and behave mindlessly in that you are not aware of why you say or do a thing and you say and do a thing without really thinking and understanding WHY you say or do that thing. It’s like eating without tasting and savoring the food you’re eating. You just shove the food in your mouth, not really enjoying the experience of eating at all. You eat with no thought of what you’re eating. The reason I bring this up is because I am becoming more and more conscious and it is difficult for me to relate to unconscious people because I can pick up on their unawareness. I feel disgruntled around them. What to do?

My answer to what to do when dealing with unconscious people is to forgive them. While their mindless behavior makes me feel disconcerted to say the least, I believe that they will one day become more conscious on their own and it is their responsibility to do so just like I am, working on myself to become ever more conscious.

The importance of being conscious speaks to the mindful condition, the state of being where one has enough inner clarity to always be honest and truthful with oneself and others. It speaks to knowing what motivates you to say or do a thing with absolute clarity.

This is, by no means, an easy place to arrive at. To be fully awake and conscious takes inner drive, perseverance and a willingness to expand one’s awareness amidst a society that prevails in its desire to sleepwalk through life. Most people don’t even know they’re unconscious and it is up to the conscious and self-aware amongst us to lead by example and not by judgement no matter how disgruntled we get by our unconscious brothers and sisters.


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