How Can You Tell What Your Soul Is About?

From my experience in this lifetime, I have intentionally gotten to know what my soul is about. My soul is about Love, Healing and Wisdom as my dominant soul characteristics. How was I able to finally tell that about my soul?

The first thing I did to learn about my soul was to realize, through much contact with enlightened beings, that I am my soul in physical form and that my soul spoke to me through my feelings not my thoughts. I started to pay attention to my persona/psyche/ego and looked at the difference between how my ego behaved and the other part of myself behaved which I began to realize was my soul. I could tell the voice of my ego because it was never satisfied, that is, it wanted the same thing again only after a short period of time had elapsed while the voice of my soul was always pointing me toward Love, Healing and Wisdom and did not need satisfying but it did seek awareness expansion through experience. I discovered that my soul didn’t care about the experience itself but the essence of what the experience felt like and taught me.

As I developed this sense of feeling into the essence of things, I realized I was expanding and maturing my soul. For example, as a young adult who attracted many women, I found that I could not be with just any woman. While I had physical attraction to women, it was something deeper about them that kept me interested in them and I could not be with them casually but had to feel a sense of them to relate to them. I began sensing their soul and as a result, I was with less women while my counterparts kept talking about how many women they had been with. My soul wanted soul contact with another, not just physical contact which is ego-based.

I then began to feel into everything as my soul expanded its awareness to a deeper level. I could connect on a soul level with animals, nature, seasons, buildings, countries, disembodied entities, appliances and more. I was able to connect with the feeling of Love, Healing and Wisdom in those things. I was able to get a sense of where their soul was at.

You can tell what your soul is about by how you feel about things, not how you think or believe about things. The mind is not the soul. The soul thinks by feelings and the soul’s domain is awareness. The scope of your soul’s awareness is in how high your consciousness is. How conscious and mindful you are tells you a great deal about your soul. Look at that.


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