Every Human is On Task In Being Who They Are

The more my awareness expands, the more I perceive that every human being is exactly where they need to be in who they are, otherwise, they would not be who they are and where they are at. They would be you or me or not on Earth at all.

From my experience incarnating into human form, we, while in our soul state, create and choose the physical body we will be in a for a lifetime for the specific purpose of expanding our soul’s awareness. How we expand our soul’s awareness is up to us, the human, as we are given free will by our soul to conduct our lives in the goal of soul awareness expansion. So, we are exactly who we need to be as who we are reflects the current state of our soul’s awareness. Why is this significant?

This is extremely significant because everyone is on the right path for themselves and if need be, the soul will assist the human in achieving the needed soul expansion in a lifetime by getting the attention of the human in some traumatic way depending on how open and aware the human is for soul growth. I know how this operates in life as I have seen soul growth in myself and others. An example of soul growth in myself was coming to a place of greater self-worth after I became aware of my psychic, intuitive powers and realized they were a strength and not a weakness. I was able to surmount society’s misguided notion that being an Empath was weird, evil, satanic, queer, crazy, etc. I discovered that the really insane people were the ones who were not in touch with their souls.

The other reason I value this awareness that everyone is exactly who they need to be is that it helped me to be much, much less judgmental of people. I saw that everyone is who they need to be because they chose who they are. They are who they are because that’s the awareness they are right now and they are on both a soul path and Cosmic journey like everyone else. Whether they achieve their soul
awareness expansion in a given life is up to them. There is no need for teaching them, instructing them, etc. unless they, themselves seek the teaching. I am not people’s parent and I see their life’s mission as their responsibility, not mine. I sought direction to get out of low self-worth and so can they. They may or may not be ready to hear the truth. I respect that in them and I wish them well. They are their own savior.

When I now encounter people, I am calm in the knowledge that they are on task in being who they are whether I like it or not. They are exactly who they need to be. No need to want to change or fix them unless they reach out in earnest to find out how to expand their soul’s awareness.

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”


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