Ego Identification

From my experience with myself and most others on this planet Earth, the majority of people live as their ego identity. What does this mean and what’s the significance of ego identification?

Living as your ego identity means you believe that, you identify with, your persona/psyche/ego, your mind, your thinking, your name, your beliefs as the REAL you even though you know, deep down, that it’s not TRUE. It may feel real to you and it’s meant to feel that way but, essentially it’s not true.

First of all, identifying with your ego means that you live in a place of the false construct of approving, controlling, judging, competing, comparing, being better than, having a hidden agenda. Your living preference is your grandiosity not your grandeur. You believe that through the reality of your thoughts, you exist and if you were to stop thinking, you’d cease to exist. That’s why it’s difficult for many to meditate. You say, “I think, therefore, I am.” This is a false living preference that is not true. Why is this preference real but not true?

To fully identify with the ego is a false narrative because what is real and what creates you is unseen, not of a material nature. Your physical self is an avatar. It is your soul, Spirit that is the real you. That soul you is the true driver of who and what you are. It creates you. The true identity of who you are says, “I am, therefore, I think,” not “I think, therefore, I am.” The true you doesn’t need a modifier that says “I am a so and so.” It just says, “I Am.” Your soul, Spirit is not a belief. It is an awareness. While you must BELIEVE in your ego in order for it to function as your avatar, you have to BE your soul in order for it to function. When you identify yourself as being your soul, Spirit, you live as the infinite being you truly are and you realize that your body is all your bodies forever into infinity. It’s not just about THIS body, it’s about BODY, that is, you can come into body as the soul you are and you do.

If you want to move from real to true, from ego to soul, start identifying with your true nature, your true essence which is your soul, Spirit. It’s not about getting rid of your ego. It’s about what you identify with. Your soul, Spirit is a permanent, infinite being that lives as a continuum across the river of timelessness. Know your soul by your feelings.


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