Dreaming While Awake...Jedi Mind Trick?

Being awake, I have found, is just a psychological expression for the conscious mind being the most active component of our sensory awareness. From my experience with my conscious, subconscious, superconscious and unconscious minds, I have experienced that I am dreaming while on all of these levels of consciousness. What does that mean?

To be dreaming while on all levels of consciousness means that the dream, the perception, what we believe is happening, may feel “real” to us but it’s not “true” as we can change any of these levels of consciousness by our intent. We can not only change our sleeping and waking dreams while we are in them, we can also change the future by dreaming a different dream of it. How do we do this? We do this by accepting and then functioning as beings who can create our reality the way we desire it for the best of everyone concerned. We create our reality by knowing we are responsible for it and we create it by our powerful and pure intent. When you intend a thing into the reality of your dream, it manifests. This is an ability everyone has but it is not used so it is dormant. No one believes they create their reality which is a dream because they have been conditioned like a house cat to believe things happen TO them.

I have experienced using my intent to change my sleeping and waking dreams and this is where I, the I Am, the Spirit I am, decides what happens. I am aware that in both my sleeping and waking states that I am “dreaming” and I give my body, mind, emotions and soul commands about what I want
them to do, to make happen. All these aspects of my self listen to me to make my intent happen. This is how I change and control my dreams. For example, it could be a health concern, a time to wake up, money I need, etc. I simply tell all my consciousnesses what I intend and they go about manifesting my intention. This has taken me many years to master and it essentially comes down to realizing that
you are the boss, the bus driver of your reality and are not the victim of happenstance.

Nothing happens to you. Everything happens through you. What this means is that whether you are consciously awake or subconsciously asleep and dreaming, YOU are the actor on a stage creating the scenarios of your desires. You are in a play and you are directing that play at the same time. See what I mean? This is not a Jedi mind trick although you have to prepare like a Jedi to master it.


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