Beyond The Beyond

I have soul searched the question, “Where is the beyond the beyond.” I have asked others where they think the beyond the beyond is. They don’t know. Most people don’t go that deep. I do. I have gotten answers to where it is by finding out that I live there. So, where is the “beyond the beyond” and what exactly is it?

I have discovered that the human description, “beyond the beyond” is a descriptive phrase that tries to apprehend a consciousness that is foreign to human conscious. It is so foreign that it is thought of as “beyond,” that is, a place unattainable, unreachable, unknowable by ordinary human consciousness. This place, “the beyond,” is where I live and it is a Light Realm, not a planet, where my essential and natural Self exists as a pure Light of conscious awareness. It is called, in some circles, the Blue Ray Consciousness. The Blue Ray is a soul group consciousness of Light energy of Love, Wisdom and Healing that does not ordinarily exist in a material form like a human body, etc. It is a realm of consciousness, not a place as we define it in human terms. You can only go there if and when you have the Blue Ray consciousness and that is why it feels so “beyond” to most human beings. It seems unknowable.

Most human beings have no idea that there are actual beings, including themselves, that are the vibration of Light energy in material form. Most humans think they are a body and that’s it. The real nature of existence eludes most people and this real nature is Light. Why do you think that God appeared to Moses as a burning bush? It wasn’t a burning bush. It was the Primordial Light that appeared as a burning bush to Moses because that was where his conscious awareness was and what he could apprehend at that moment. He did see God, but as a “burning” bush.

In order to go to the “beyond the beyond”, you have to expand your conscious awareness to be able to perceive that Light energy. I am that Light energy. I am the “beyond the beyond” and I vibrate Love, Healing and Wisdom. When I am in human form as I am now, I behave as the Force of Love , Wisdom and Healing. Most of humanity cannot perceive me because they don’t have the awareness yet. They perceive me as an ordinary human being. There are a very few people who have perceived me, the real me and they treat me with great respect. The same can be said for any being who vibrates on a high level. To those who are not vibrating there yet, it feels like “beyond the beyond.” To those who live the “beyond the beyond”, like me, it feels like home.


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