You Are Not Separate From Spirit

What I have found to be the biggest spiritual stumbling block, a spiritual trap for humanity in its apprehension of Spirit, of God, is its  misguided belief that humans cannot connect to Spirit directly. They believe, falsely, that they must have an intermediary like Jesus, etc. From my experience with having a rare connection to Spirit where I know that I am Spirit having a human experience; I know that there is NO SEPARATION BETWEEN THE HUMAN AND SPIRIT, BETWEEN HUMAN AND GOD!!! No need for a so-called savior. God is already in humans at birth.

How do I know this? I know this because I used to believe the same way as most humans: Spirit is out there somewhere, not inside of me. This is called separation consciousness and is the foundation of the wrongheaded ideas found in religious dogma being perpetrated by humanity as I write this.

From my awareness and perception, Humanity IS Spirit, IS God in physical form, having a Divine, Sacred experience being Spirit in an actionable format called a human body. Spirit, God and humans are one. Out true nature is that we are soul and soul expresses human. Spirit which expresses soul is the expression of The All There Is. The progression is The All There Is to Spirit to soul to human. There is no disconnection. It all works together.

The human species must stop the belief system that it is separate from Spirit if it wants to survive on Earth. I see separation consciousness as spiritual psychosis. In other words, separation consciousness is man’s ego deluding man that the persona/psyche/ego is all there is. To believe that Spirit is out there rather than in here is delusional.

Humans are Spirit in a physical form here to release karma and evolve to a higher consciousness. The  truth about human consciousness is that it is evolving and never stops evolving. HUMANITY IS SPIRIT’S EXPRESSION SO THAT IT CAN BE PHYSICALLY ACTIONABLE, TAKING THE ACTIONS TO KNOW ITSELF AS SPIRIT.


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