Why Most Humans Have Difficulty With Unconditional Love

From my experience with humans and also being one, I see that they have great difficulty with unconditional love. Why is that? It is my perception that humans have difficulty with unconditional love because it is an energy given to others and to self IN SPITE OF who they are and who one is and their actions, not BECAUSE OF who they are and who one is and their actions. Where does this difficulty with unconditional love in humans come from?

In my perception, humanity’s difficulty with unconditional love comes from the misguided notion that energy is not free and abundant, that there is only so much to go around and I have to get mine before you get yours. This limitation mind set puts conditions on giving love that says another must do something for me, be something for me in order for me to love them. This unaware thinking rejects the reality that humans ARE love and that love is a Force that already is within humans and is not something to be traded. Where this stems from is the fearful ego which confines its reality to judging, approving, controlling, comparing and competing.

When you have the energy of unconditional love already in you, you love yourself and others in spite of who they are and their actions, not because of. Yes, you may fall in love with someone but when the first blush of romantic excitement begins to naturally wane, that is the time to learn how to unconditionally love. Whether you stay with that person or not is another question.

The idea is to grow your sense of unconditional loving and there will be many cases where you cannot remain with a person and for me, that’s when I use loving-detachment. I don’t have to remain their friend for some politically correct reason but I can continue to love them from afar, that is, to know their strengths and weaknesses and move on to someone else. I don’t come away from the relationship with anger, although I might be disappointed it didn’t work out. Of course there will be cases of incompatibility and abuse and we must be real with ourselves about that but we can still feel unconditionally loving of ourselves and others and not be jaded into becoming conditional because we were hurt. It’s hard, I know. I prefer to be in the Force of Love at all costs because that is my energy and I know it.


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