What Is Transitioning To My Light Body?

As I transition into my Light body, I get to stay IN my physical body also, so, what is the thing transitioning into my Light body? I don’tknow If this explanation will clarify what this experience is and I will attempt to elucidate what transitioning into my Light body is.

When I state that I am experiencing transitioning into my Light body, I am expressing the fact that my persona/psych/ego (which is expressed by my soul) and is also my physical self, is holding more light than it has ever held before. This light is the light of my oversoul that now has more functionality than ever before in that I have more conscious awareness that I am my oversoul and it is me.

For a long time, in this lifetime, I held a large part of my Light body away from me due to a hesitation born of what I felt others would think of me if I functioned completely in my Light body. What this comes down to was that I was afraid of how others would judge me and my abilities that I receive from being in my Light body. These abilities are first and foremost, a rare connection with Spirit, remote viewing, astral projection, teleportation, precognition, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and much more.

Most of humanity lives in fear of these natural spiritual gifts because religion and society have painted these gifts as evil, demonic, blasphemous, sinful and wrong. At first, I thought they were evil too and was scared of them. Through experience, I found these societal negative judgements to be misguided. I know that now. It is because I have had realization that I am my oversoul and that being in my Light body is not evil that I can finally move totally into my Light body and function as it without self-recrimination.

You too can move into your Light body which is with you right now. Our light bodies are our natural essences and it is they that are the real bodies in this existence. The new Earth human is persona/psyche/higher ego/soul. No separation. All in.


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