What Is A Cosmic Being?

There seems to be a need to ground the concept of being a “Cosmic Being” since it is shrouded in the mystical, in mystery, in a metaphysical construct that is misunderstood by most people. I wish to clear up what it means to be a “Cosmic Being” since I am one.

So, what does it really signify to be a “Cosmic Being”? It’s significance is in its scope of awareness and consciousness. In our existence as soul, as Spirit that expresses in form, there are souls of different awarenesses and consciousnesses. Some souls have a more expanded awareness and some less according to their soul evolution and maturity. For example, some souls are planetary and their awareness revolves around a specific planet. So, if you are an Earth soul, your awareness is all about Earth. Your focus and karma are linked to this planet. Then there are solar beings whose awareness is more expanded to take in the consciousness of a solar system, those whose awareness is Galactic, Universal and then Cosmic. These states of awareness differ in their expansiveness of soul maturity, experience, understanding, awareness and consciousness. For example, if you are a human on Earth and are of the awareness of a Planetary being and meet a Cosmic Being, you will not understand what the Cosmic Being is talking about. You may not gravitate toward one and then, again, you may but the Cosmic Being’s ideas, beliefs, etc. will be out of your range of awareness. For example, you, as a Planetary Being you may have the awareness that the dogma of religion is true for you and you believe that you must go through a savior to be saved. When you encounter a Cosmic Being, they may tell you that they are part of the Cosmic Web and are a piece of The All There Is no matter where they go throughout the Cosmos and have a rare connection to Spirit in that they are Spirit also. So where I’m going with this?

A “Cosmic Being” has awareness that is expanded to encompass the consciousness of the Cosmos. To further exemplify, I, as a Cosmic Being, incarnated on planet Earth to lend my presence as a game changer, an enhancer of the consciousness now prevailing on Earth to a higher level of consciousness that sees God in everything including humans. This consciousness is more expanded in its awareness that goes beyond any Earth religion. See what I mean? Those who are Planetary beings usually interpret my Cosmic Beingness as blasphemy, weird, devil, monster, etc. are you getting it now?

Please understand that being a Cosmic Being is not a moral issue. It’s not about being better than or greater than. It’s just being one with more expanded awareness. All souls are expanding their awareness at their own rate of development. You are who you are in awareness because that’s where you need to be. There is no judgement in being a specific awareness although those with lower awareness tend to dismiss those with higher awareness for some reason. Watch for beings who are too fixated in their level of awareness as if that is all there is. Cosmic Beings are among those with the greatest humility for they understand that awareness expands infinitely!


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