We Are All Connected

In the Star War series sequel, “The Last Jedi,” Luke Skywalker tells Rey that the “Force” is really something found in between people and is a force that binds them together. This “Force” is real and true as I have experienced it in being aware that I am a part of the Cosmic Web of life, of existence and that I am indelibly connected to All There Is. Everything I am, think, believe, say and do effects the entire Cosmic Web. Why is this so critically important to be aware of and understand?

To know and understand that you are a part of the Cosmic Web and effect everything around you is extremely important because everything you are and do effects everything else. In a word, this makes you responsible for your actions because they effect the entire Cosmos. You are not alone on an island. You are not an “I” or a “me” as previously believed. You are a “We” who is connected to All There Is. This will revolutionize your thinking as you can no longer see your actions as germaine  only to yourself. You have the ability to effect everything around you and I mean everything. You now MUST TAKE YOUR THOUGHTS, BELIEFS, WORDS AND ACTIONS SERIOUSLY AS THEY HELP MAKE WAVES IN THE COSMIC WEB. Start making purposeful waves with positive and pure intent.

What this information means is one thing and one thing only: be careful of your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions as they create, not only your world, but the world at large. You ARE AND MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

We are all connected. 💜👁🙏


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