The Truth About Getting Abundance

The Truth about getting abundance is that there is no such thing as “getting” abundance. From my experience with having abundance in my life; abundance is NOT something you get at all. That’s a false narrative. Abundance is something you ARE and you don’t have to strive, work hard, kill yourself, suffer to get ANYTHING. So then how do humans become abundant in their physical reality?

From my experience, humans become abundant by recognizing that they are born abundant and abundance is a state of being that you don’t get, it’s something you feel within. If you don’t feel abundant inside, no amount of activity, striving, working is going to get you there. It starts with feeling the natural abundance that is YOU! So, what does it mean to feel abundant?

Being abundant starts with first believing, then knowing, then feeling that you were born abundant, born deserving, born with great self-worth, great self-esteem and religion and society has told you that you are born in original sin, that you have to do something to gain worthiness as a human. Not true. You are NOT born with original sin. It’s a lie. You are born clean and pure and abundant. God made you as a magnificent being, not as trash. Get rid of that belief. Start believing you are abundant, then cognize it and then feel it. Start by thinking about the abundance of having a human body, the abundance of your emotions, the abundance of your thoughts, the abundance of your imagination, the abundance of your soul and Spirit. These are not for nothing. You are meant to have abundance as an inherent, natural part of being human. How does this work?

You, as a human, vibrate abundance and that vibration, that state of being, is a match with the vibration of the Creative Source, Infinite Intelligence, The All There Is which is abundant and has created you. This vibrational match creates the abundance natural to being alive as a human and the problem occurs when humans are conditioned to believe they are not abundant by a misguided and unaware society. Understand that believing is the FIRST step, second is the fact that you have to KNOW you are abundant and third, you must FEEL abundant. Fake it til you make it if you must but get rid of the idea that you are broke and then engage in actionable things that bring more believing, knowing and feeling abundant into your life. What are these things?

Stop believing in original sin. You were NOT born a sinner. Stop believing you have to do work you don’t love to achieve abundance and start doing little things that make you feel abundant no matter your circumstances. It could be anything, just as long as it’s positive and brings you the feeling of abundance. You are abundant right now. Start believing in yourself.


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