The “Temporals” See Me As Illogical

While I pretend to be an Earth human, I am vibrating a consciousness beyond the highest level of temporal or Earth reality which is the fourth chakra or circuit. Most humans on planet Earth are vibrating between circuits one and four and we describe this reality as “temporal.” There are a few humans vibrating from circuits five to eight and beyond. These beings are “off-planet” or “extra-terrestrial” in that our consciousness is beyond the physical concerns of Earthling life and we vibrate a Galactic, Universal or Cosmic Consciousness. What is the significance of this?

While all humans are born with the potential to function in all eight circuits, many choose to stay within the temporal range due to conditioning and willfulness. This temporal range is the range that keeps most people functioning in a left brain, analytical, rational, logical reality. In the extra-terrestrial range, from circuits five to eight and beyond, reality is that of the right brain, that is, non-linear, non-rational, illogical. Each level speaks its own language as, for example, temporals speak in a language of “seeing is believing,” while the meta-humans speak in a language of “believing is seeing.” The point here is that these two groups speak a completely different language from each other where, for example, the temporal thinkers see the meta thinkers as illogical and the meta thinkers see the temporal thinkers as provincial. What’s the importance of this?

The importance is to acknowledge that each group speaks a different language and it is difficult to communicate with each other. For example, I do not speak the consciousness of temporal reality and I am not interested in getting into discussions or arguments with those that don’t understand where I’m coming from. I don’t need those in temporal reality saying I’m “weird” because I can communicate with Angels or am psychic, clairvoyant, a medium, clairsentient, Cosmic, an Empath, a Blue Ray Being. They see me as illogical.

To me, the temporals are weird and strange. I avoid them as much as possible and when I must mingle with them, I treat them respectfully and don’t engage them in meta-conscious discussions because they will run for the hills. The temporals believe that my consciousness is a “shtick,” an act I put on to get attention. While it is the height of disrespect, I realize that they are just not in my higher consciousness and I let it go at that. I don’t speak their language and they don’t speak mine. I don’t exist here to be an interpreter for them. I am here to exemplify that it is possible to be a Cosmic Being in human format. They have to come up to my vibration, not the other way around.


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