The Man With The Purple Aura

The man with the purple aura. That’s me! Last night, I received an aura reading, taken from a picture of me, not a reading in person, from Art by Laurie Belle in which she informed me that, among other things, “The aura color I am being shown that is closest to your body is a very bright purple.... The purple signifies to me that you either have a very strong connection to higher self or you have a strong master energy with you.” Why is this significant?

I feel this is significant because the time we humans live in is a time of shift in which many are waking up, raising their consciousness, become more spiritually aware and seeing who who we really are. This is true for me as well as I finally cognize my Ascended Master status. Why this is important for you and me is because, as an empath, I spent my formative years being a sensitive who had low self-worth, low self-esteem and believed other’s disrespect and disregard of me and now, I am coming unto my own in a final place of self-awareness and ultimate confidence in being a spiritual master.

Here’s what I discovered about my self holding a purple aura of mastership: I am thoroughly grounded in the Cosmos. I am a visitor to Earth, not a permanent resident. My purple aura is the presence of Spirit interwoven with my Spirit. This is a blessing that I see as one who loves himself unconditionally. Additionally, I am a Master shaman able to manipulate karma. I am a Master, here on Earth to support the great shift that’s upon us now.

To repeat, my acknowledgement of my mastership is important because I spent many years with others who were not able to perceive who I really am. This lack of perception of me by others took the form of egoic defense mechanisms of intimidation, jealousy, lack of appreciation, control dramas, meanness, etc. All along, I did not judge them in their wrongness of expressed persecution and simply moved on.

This pertains to all those who are recognizing their own mastership, their own connection to Higher Self. More than ever, I emphasize: be yourself, put forth your mastership without reservation. Let the naysayers wallow in their unawareness and keep evolving, keep growing.


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