The Goal And Gift Of The Cosmos

From my experience with having an indelible connection with the Cosmos, I have found that the goal and gift of the Cosmos is expressing love through Creation so that Creation May BE Love now. Being Love. Not thinking it, not expressing it, not saying it. Being it. What does it mean to BE Love now?

Being Love now means, I have found, to believe, know, accept and function in this now moment as what everything is: Creation as Love in physical form. Again, Creation as Love in physical form. All that is Creation is the expression of Love in physical format. Nothing has to believe it is Love or think it is Love or have to get Love because everything is ALREADY Love. See what I mean?

So, you want Love in your life? Simply BE the Love you already are. BE it. How do you BE Love? Start training yourself to Love yourself every minute of every day. Start training yourself to tell yourself that you Love yourself every day. Start training yourself to tell other people, other things including Spirit itself, God, Creation that you Love them now. Turn yourself from a self-loathing, needy human to a beacon of Love THAT YOU ALREADY ARE AND YOU JUST DIDN’T KNOW THAT CREATION IS LOVE. YOU ARE CREATION IN FORM!!!!!!!!!!

Bless everything in your path, in your domain with the Love you are. When you fully cognize that you are Love in this now moment, Spirit, Creation itself will pour Love on you in a cornucopia of abundance, prosperity, happiness, peace and health. How do I know this? I know this because I have tapped into it. You can too. May the Force of Love be with you. The most powerful Force in the Cosmos!!!


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