Must We Shout Creation’s Glory?

In my perception, Spirit’s, God’s Creation is the energy of Love. This, to me, is the energy of all that is manifested. I perceive Love as wise and appropriate. In conjunction with this, I perceive that expressing and being Love is the goal and gift of Spirit, the Cosmos. Since I am part of Creation expressed as a physical being, I feel that I must consciously express and be Love now. I feel that I must shout it’s glory to remind myself and others of Love’s grandeur and presence. In this way, I am respecting and trusting the Creator, respecting and trusting myself. Why is this significant?

This is significant because, as a divine being of Light and frequency expressed in human format, I desire, I feel the need to show Spirit, God, appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness for its Creation that I am. This expression of my thankfulness to me is the essence of enlightenment. It says that I know that I am Spirit in form and thank you Spirit for your Creativity. I am aware of it and I enjoy it.

I have found that as I express my gratitude to the Creator, the Creator bonds more indelibly with me in expanding both my awareness and my capabilities to be more abundant, prosperous, wise, healthy, peaceful, Loving, happy, kind and safe.

Again, it is a state of enlightenment and it does take intentional practice to arrive at. I encourage all who read this to look at this state of being Creation/Love I am talking about, not in the tired old religious ways, the dogmatic ways, the ways of any organized religion but in the ways of being Spirit, being God also.


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