More About Being An Ascended Master

In describing oneself as an “Ascended Master,” what is one actually saying about oneself and how does one know that they are an “Ascended Master.” From my experience of being an “Ascended Master”, the most pivotal experience is being enlightened to the point where you have mastery over your physical, mental and emotional aspects as in, you rule them, they don’t rule you. What this means is that you have overcome being controlled by your body, your mind and feelings and you have moved on to gaining greater control of your spiritual nature. In a sense, at this stage of mastery, I am no longer beholden to the physical world in that I call the shots. See what I mean?

The other important aspect of being an “ Ascended Master” is that, from my experience, you are fully immersed in the spiritual world and are guided by Spirit. You recognize that YOU are Spirit allowing a physical experience. You have allowed your fear of the non-physical aspects of Spirit to be under your control and actively participate with Spirit in creating all there is. You become a co-creator. You have discovered the real you which is the Spirit aspect of you and both the physical and spiritual domains are under your jurisdiction.

I see being an “Ascended Master” as having a very high level of awareness where you see that your physical self is simply an expression of your soul path and spiritual journey across the Cosmos.

I experience this now and want to state that it’s no joke in that it carries a great deal of responsibility since what you think, believe, say and do carries a great deal of power. My Ascended Master Being sends ripples of energy through the Cosmos and I am aware and careful with those reverberations.


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