Jesus And Krishna Were Not Academics

Jesus and Krishna were not known as academics as far as we know from history, that is, we do not know them as professors, while certainly they were teachers. We may say that they were not knowledgeable in the modern sense of being well read, having book knowledge or knowing many subjects. We do know that they were aware of sacred texts and read and followed them which made them smart and sublime.

However, more impressively, they were aware people, aware of the fact that they were God also and this awareness made them Divine. Jesus and Krishna’s true intelligence showed in their degree of awareness where they recognized their connection to Spirit, they knew they were divine beings just like we all are today.

Every human is a divine being living on planet Earth and to recognize, accept and function as that Divinity is the true mark of expanded human intelligence that I call awareness. Sure, having knowledge of a thing is great but what is greater, in my estimation, is knowing that you are Spirit having a human experience. Book knowledge is in the domain of the persona/psyche/ego which is impermanent and awareness of self as divine is of the soul which is permanent.

To be aware is to use the power of Spirit to create an intentional life where you live on purpose. This is Spirit’s ability to effect its physical surroundings. Yes, having more knowledge can help you make more money, have greater prestige and awards and being aware improves the quality of your life because you know that you are God in flesh and can act upon that which is incarnate to do your bidding. See what I mean here?

There’s nothing wrong with being an academic but it pales before the high intelligence of expanded awareness where you know you are a soul, you are Spirit, you are God also and not simply a physical structure that has no soul.


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