It Is Through The Heart That We Perceive Spirit

When you are locked in dogma, locked in an idea of Spirit, God, read words from a book and make pronouncements and interpretations of what you read, that is not perception of Spirit, God, that is thinking about Spirit God and is NOT a direct experience. You cannot perceive Spirit, God By thinking about Spirit, God. From my experience with having a rare connection to Spirit, God, it is through the heart, through feeling, that one can truly perceive Spirit, God, it is not through the mind. Why is this true?

From my experience, Spirit, God cannot be apprehended at the deepest levels by the mind because Spirit, God is not rational, is nonlinear while the mind is rational, linear in it’s ability to perceive. The heart is that which perceives through feelings. It is the true experiential means of knowing Spirit, God.

You can’t think Spirit, God,  you have to feel Spirit, God to know Spirit, God. That’s the heart function.


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