In Dependence

I have found, in my experience, that most people living on Earth are in the mindset that they are in a dependent relationship with someone or something and therefore, they, themselves, are not truly free. The are in dependence and cannot truly celebrate independence. For example, billions of people believe that God gives them stuff and takes stuff away and their lives are dependent on “God’s Will.” They also believe that their government will bail them out or their mommy or daddy, friend, neighbor, etc will come to their aid. I have people I can depend on but I’m not in dependence upon them. This is to say that most people on Earth DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBIKITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS AND WANT TO BLAME OTHERS FOR THEIR LACKS AND FAULTS INSTEAD OF THEMSELVES. This is NOT independence, this is bondage, slavery. What is true freedom then?

I have discovered that true freedom is NOT being beholden to anyone or anything but yourself. It is not being beholden to God, the government, society, religion, people, things, etc. To be totally free, you are the only being responsible for your actions. You created it, you own it. Now, please understand that I am always willing to help people. Always. I believe that people can allow themselves to fall into unfortunate circumstances and I am there to get them back on track. I am not there to help people who blame others, fault others for circumstances they created for themselves in most situations.

This speaks to people who are unaware that THEY have the creative power within to create any life they choose and they choose a certain life for a myriad of reasons to either learn a lesson or to grow the awareness of their soul or both. This is where taking responsibility for your actions comes in. It is the awareness that YOU are a creator capable of creating whatever you intend.

I say, stop giving up your power to that which is outside you and take your creative power back. All that you are and have is your doing, your accepting, your allowing. Don’t pray to God for stuff; pray to yourself!!! That’s true freedom, true independence. Stop being in dependence.


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