I Talk To Your Soul, Not To Your Ego

For my entire life as a human, I have related to myself and others as a soul, not as a persona/psyche/ego. What does this mean?

What I am saying is that I did not base any relationship with another being based on controlling, approving, judging, competing, comparing, having a hidden agenda with, having to be better than or greater than. I always saw or felt into the soul of another. So, what is it that I felt or connected with as I felt others’ souls?

Invariably, I felt the maturity of the others’s soul. This was not spoken, this was not behavior of the other as such. I could feel if they were a young, middle aged or old soul. I usually felt this as a sense within myself as if it were my own sensibilities I was perceiving. I could also pick up on their level of awareness and how conscious they were. I also did this with myself. How this presented itself is that I would feel either inspired by people or constricted by them. I would feel attracted to people or repelled by them. I would feel stupid or low-self worth around certain people or highly intelligent and great self-esteem around others. I would check within myself if these feelings and perceptions were my own or was I taking on others’s soul levels. I came to a place where I was able to differentiate, to distinguish between my own soul levels and other’s.

This being able to “talk” to the soul of others, to pick up on the maturity of their soul, the state of their soul is the domain of the Empath. I believe all humans are empathic and it seems to come in degrees with people. Some have a talent with being more empathic where they can feel into souls naturally from birth. I am one of these people who is a naturally gifted Empath and I know how to feel into your soul.


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