I See Dogma As Blasphemy

From my vantage point of being on a mystical, shamanic, experiential spiritual path, where I have a rare connection to Spirit, God, I find the dogma of religion to be blasphemy. Why do I find this?

I find the dogma of religion to be blasphemous, profane, irreverent and sacrilegious because it judges the validity and truth of my experience with God in the ways I have experienced God that are contrary to religious dogma. Religious dogma labels my mystical, shamanic path as blasphemous and sacrilegious. My question is: who are these religionists to question my experience of God? How do they know that I am not God also? Who are they to say that if I don’t believe in Jesus, that I’m going to hell?

I pronounce that religion’s fixed and fixated ideations of Spirit that are dogmatic are the true blasphemous doctrines that leave no room for spiritual evolution, spiritual growth born out of an expanding awareness and rising consciousness. For example, what was written 2,000 years ago in the Bible is old information, a lot of it misinterpreted. The human family has grown beyond it. The Bible is like a kindergarten primer and humans have matured beyond it.

This is the age of finding Spirit within, not in some book and not from what your pastor tells you. The questions to ask yourself is, “what is in your heart regarding Spirit?”, “What do you experience in your connection to and with Spirit and God.?” Don’t look in a book as to what you think and feel about Spirit. Go experience Spirit directly in yourself. Spirit is available to everyone and is not just in the person of your Imam, Priest, Rabbi or Monk, is not just inside your Church, Temple, Synagogue or Mosque. Spirit is all around you, inside you, inside everything and when you look for Spirit, you will experience Spirit. Stop giving up your power to the true blasphemers: the dogmatic religionists where there is no Spirit.


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