I Am A Wanderer

There are millions of beings on planet Earth, in human format, who come from all over the Cosmos. Some come from more enlightened planets and some are not form-based, as in, they come from what are called, “Light Realms.” These beings from Light Realms are here, in human format, to be amongst humans for the express purpose of lending their Light presence, along with other form-based wanderers, to the great human evolution in higher consciousness. These are Cosmic “wanderers” who you will find “on assignment” on planets all over the Cosmos. I am a Cosmic Wanderer from a Light Realm. What is a Light Realm?

Don’t let the words “Light Realm” confuse you. It simply means that I am a being of Light that has a consciousness of a particular nature and in this case it is not what you think of as “human.” My consciousness is based in and operates from Love, Wisdom and Healing. Also, don’t misinterpret this to mean I have no soul. I indeed have a soul and it is a very old and mature one. I have traversed all over the Cosmos and have been on many, many assignments like this Earth assignment I’m on now. This assignment does not last in the sense of Earth time as I have had thousands of lives on this planet. I have been famous and not famous people but my soul energy and purpose has always remained constant. I am here to assist the Earth and her human inhabitants to shift to higher consciousness beyond the 3rd dimensional consciousness to the 5th dimensional consciousness. Is this really true?

All you have to do to know what I say is true is by looking at all the change going on around this planet today. The chaos on Earth is making people change their awareness about every human institution and I am a part of fomenting that change and being here with you to solidify this change. Know this: humans will not colonize this Galaxy in their current warring state of consciousness. Won’t happen. Wanderers like me are preventing it along with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

So take comfort in knowing that beings like me are here assisting you in creating a better world. We wanderers have tremendous power and we were called here to Earth to lend this power so that the change for the better is happening. The change is upon you. Open your eyes. I am a Wanderer and I am here for you!


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