How To Make Your Dreams Come True

Dreams do come true and I am a witness to many dreams coming true in my own life but I discovered that dreams don’t come true in the way popular culture believes and purveys. Here’s what I perceive: When popular culture asserts the notion that dreams do come true, it completely misses the point because we don’t dream about something we want in our lives while we are asleep at night. We don’t dream a thing into existence, into reality at all. Dreams are our souls talking to us while we sleep, giving us hidden, important messages if we listen and those things we want in our lives are called our heart’s desire. See the difference? We don’t manifest our heart’s desires into our reality of living by dreaming them so; we create the reality of our heart’s desires by loving them so. What do I mean by this?

From my experience with manifesting my dreams into my life, I discovered that it was not in dreaming them that they came about but by being in the Force of Love with them that they manifested. For example, I did what I loved in my life and the money followed. The Force of Love that I exerted was like the Force of Gravity attracting those things into my reality that I felt happy about having. This Force of Love was ALREADY inside of me and all I had to do was bring it to bear on my heart’s desire. This Force is the unseen power between everything including between human beings. Love is NOT a feeling, it is a Force that is a magnet attracting all the good your heart desires. I had to become more conscious and aware that I am this Force of Love.

How can one be the Force of Love? I found that starting with the awareness of the Force of Love with MYSELF was the first step to realizing I was this Force. I stopped my self-deprecation, stopped my self-loathing, stopped my low self-worth and low-self-esteem. I began to feel good about myself and that translated to feeling good about others, about situations, about occurances AND my heart’s desires.

I found that my heart’s desires were not out of reach. They were right in front of me but my lack of awareness that I had the Force of Love in my blinded me to the truth of reality: reality doesn’t give you what you want, reality gives you what you are. Let that sink in. Be the Force of Love in all things and all things will manifest unto you.

It sounds simple, no? It’s only as simple as you allow yourself to believe, accept and then function as the Force of Love. When you do, your life will seem like a dream because you will attract into it your heart’s desires. I know because I experience this, otherwise, I couldn’t explain it to you.


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