Go Ahead, Make My Empathic Day!

Go ahead, make my empathic day by continuing to believe that I’m weird, crazy, a snowflake, of the Light and Love “crowd”! As you stay in your misguided belief, I am reading you like a book and know all about the truth of you because I feel into you. “I see you.” I simply wait, silent and because of who and what I am, that is, an Empath, you will not be able to help yourself and you will spill the beans and reveal the truths you’ve been hiding from me. You can’t fool me. I feel you. What’s the significance of this?

The significance of this is that you’re wasting your time trying to hide your truths from me. I can feel your falseness so stop being false with me. When you are around me, come clean, be truthful and we’ll have a better relationship. Why will we have a better relationship? We’ll have a better relationship because you won’t feel the need to lie to me or hide the truth from me, making you uncomfortable around me and making me not want to be around you because I sense your dishonesty that I am unhinged being around. Just be truthful with me. Just be honest with me. Since I have clarity because I don’t lie, don’t try to cover up your fakeness with me. You can’t cover up your fakeness with me. It’s impossible. I’m a sensitive that feels into everything.

If you can’t be real with me, it’s OK because you’ve just made my empathic day. What that means is that I just read you, I just felt into you and you have nowhere to hide.


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