Functioning Fully In My “Light Body”

As the planet shifts into its higher vibration of the fifth dimension and beyond, I find myself physically morphing into my “Light body.” What are the implications of this?

First of all, the physical “ascension symptoms” are not the most comfortable to deal with. There are a whole host of them and they are such noticeable symptoms from skin rashes, itching about the crown chakra at the top of the head to aching joints and dizziness. I have been living through these for about ten to twenty years now. The physical “ascension symptoms” have been accompanied by my ability to see, with my physical eyes, the intense bluish-white light surrounding my body. My ability to see this light began in earnest about ten years ago and has steadily increased. Along with the increase in my seeing this light or what I call my “Light body,” are abilities I have gained in functioning more and more as my “Light body.” I would have to call these abilities telepathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and instant manifesting of physical reality. These abilities cannot be disputed as I see what’s going to happen in physical reality and then it happens. What is happening here?

What’s happening here is that as I go more and more into my “Light body,” I function more AS it and I can function in the ways of Spirit that has more expanded awareness, deeper perception and higher psychic abilities than my physical being has.

I am sure I will gain other “Light body” functions that I am not aware of now and understand that I will still be here physically but I will be more IN my “Light body” than I ever was before. This is happening to people all over the world, not just to me. It is time for many to see their “Light” and to realize their “Light body” functions. Welcome to the new Earth.


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