Freedom’s Waiting

Freedom’s waiting. Freedom? Freedom from what? Freedom from being a slave to our human mind and a slave to our things, to material possessions including our own body. How’s that? A slave to our mind and a slave to our things? Yes, being beholden to mind-based beliefs which we act upon and being beholden to material objects that possess us and cause us to suffer because they cause us to behave as if THEY own US and therefore cause us to be a slave to them and not truly free to be who we are and that is a being that has dominion over its mind and material possessions.

The good news is that our freedom is waiting for us! Yes, it is. How is it waiting for us? Our freedom from being a slave to our beliefs and possessions is waiting for us in that we hold the key to changing our attitude of being a slave to, a victim of any misguided beliefs, a job we hate, our money, our body, our keeping up with the Joneses, our lack consciousnessness, our self-loathing, and our low energy human nature. We have the ability to change and get out of our prison cell and be free.

This ability to change our attitude and not be beholden to our limiting beliefs and material possessions is what I mean by “freedom’s waiting.” We hold the key within ourselves to unlock the prison cell we voluntarily keep ourselves in. When we finally see that we don’t have to allow our beliefs to be so fixed and we don’t have to amass material objects for happiness, this is the moment when the imaginary jailer disappears and we become the sovereign beings we were meant to be all along. Freedom is being aware of and then acknowledging that we are not our minds and we don’t identify with a material object as “us.”


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