Feelings, Not Thoughts, Bond Humanity

Humans, from what I have experienced, have the capacity for sharing common feelings like understanding, compassion, tolerance, Love, kindness and patience in spite of religious, cultural, educational and socio-economic differences. On the other hand, humans have, from my experience, difficulty in sharing common thoughts and it is through thoughts that humans have the most disagreement. Humanity’s biggest problem is that it is easily brainwashed with thoughts and believes that feelings are weakness. What can we do to lessen alienation that comes through dogma?

I have found that by stopping overthinking, being fixated on old ideas and rehashing others’ ideas, stopping Mind-based realities and feeling deeper emotions like tolerance, compassion, unconditional Love, etc is the means of higher evolution for humanity. This not preclude using one’s mind as a tool to solve problems or to create new things and being mentally or emotionally obsessive is sickness, is the reason for humanity’s devolution. The way out of this diseased state of being is, in my experience, a heart-centered reality, not a mental-based reality. A heart-based reality is what humanity  shares and can relate to in each other. It is a reality in which humanity can evolve, from my perception.

Feelings, not thoughts, bond humanity.


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