Being On Earth, In Human Form, Is A State Of Divinity

Religion and misunderstood spirituality has wrongly painted the picture that to be Divine, you have to die and go to “Heaven.” This is a false and misguided notion, a completely wrongheaded narrative. The truth, as I experience it right now, is that true Divinity is being on Earth, in a human body, experiencing the Sacredness of Creation in a physical manifestation that is Spirit in action. This life I am living is a true, Divine state of being and going to some other place defined as “Heaven” is unfortunately a misperception. Why is this true?

The state of accepting Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc as your savior and going to “Heaven” are true constructs but NOT in the way that is thought. The only reason it is perverted to what we have being inculcated now is that these believers in Jesus and “Heaven” have a low consciousness where they perceive it as literal. What is truly meant in these beliefs is a state of what I like to call “Christ Consciousness” or a state of enlightened awareness where being Spirit in flesh and being Divinity in action is recognized as the true state of this Earth reality in human form.

These religionists are right but not in the way they believe. They believe in a literal interpretation of Jesus coming back when the true meaning is figurative. The true meaning is that we humans will come back to knowing that being on Earth and being human is the true Christed experience. We are already living in Divinity as Divine beings as God in form.

This is diametrically opposed to what is being propagandized by most of the religions on Earth. They say Divinity happens after you die. I say Divinity is happening right now as you live.


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