Am I A Hologram In A Three Dimensional Matrix?

Am I a hologram in this three dimensional Matrix I inhabit? The answer is a resounding “YES.”  Even though this body, mind, feelings or psyche/persona/ego seems “real,” it is a projection of my soul and my soul is the so-called “real” me. That which is perceivable by the five senses is a ghost, smoke, chimera, hologram and illusive. The “real” me is unseen, permanent, infinite and all powerful. Why is this awareness of being a soul, who I really am, important?

From my experience of being aware of my soul, it is important to have “soul perspective” because that is the part of us driving the bus, doing all the real work of who we really are. The human part of us is just that being that is along for the ride. It is our souls that determine our true destiny not our egos. When we allow our egos to determine our true destiny we may miss that destiny. Our egos are that part of us that ensures the continuance of our human DNA at any cost. That’s why we fear death. We fear the possibility that our DNA will not carry on. Just for the record, we are not our DNA. We are soul-based beings that project physical bodies and DNA is the continuance of our human story.

When we realize that as a human, we are a hologram, it puts what we are doing on Earth in great perspective. We are not here to die, we are here to learn by expanding our soul’s awareness through the experiences of its projected hologram that purposely seems so real to us. Yes, if a part of us dies in the Matrix, our souls gets awareness and we only die in the Matrix when our soul is ready for its hologram to be no longer.

We are not our soul’s hologram; we are the soul that projected it and it is important to live, while in human format, as this soul in order to be aware of why we are incarnated at this time. This
awareness creates a much more dynamic life here, there and everywhere. My suggestion: be more soulful, have a sense of play as your hologram.


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